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  1. There are no brush options available in Designer Persona Ver 2 (see screenshot) The only way it worked was if I composed the file in Ver 1
  2. Yes Marc, you are right, I'd make a lousy scientist ! But just to confirm, the test file created in V1 works fine in V2, but a new file doesn't, so no, the problem isn't solved 😒
  3. Reinstalled V2, deleted non basic brushes, No Hardware Acceleration. Video 1 shows the making of the file in Ver 1 Video 2 shows that same file working okay in Designer Ver2. Thanks for your help. Affinity Designer 2023-01-29 20-56-49.mp4 Affinity Designer 2023-01-29 21-04-17.mp4 Designer V1 Border Test.afdesign
  4. In Ver 2 I don't have the option to use/access any brushes in Designer Persona. Hardware Acceleration was already off (Nvidia Qaudro K2200 card apparently not supported)
  5. Sorry Walt, I didn't save the files, i could do it again. I don't have an option to use the brushes in V2 Designer Persona
  6. Thanks for your reply, I have made 2 recordings (first time I have done this) hopefully they are okay. Affinity Designer 2023-01-29 08-44-20.mp4 Affinity Designer 2 2023-01-29 08-46-58.mp4
  7. Hi, I have been using Designer V1 for years mainly for band posters and birthday cards for family etc, prior to using Designer I used Illustrator. For some reason when I try to add a textured border stroke to a shape it just won't apply. I can still do the same thing in Designer perfectly well, as I always have. There maybe a slightly different approach in V2, but I couldn't imagine why. I will attach a file from V1 to demonstrate what I'm trying to achieve in V2. Hope you can point me in the right direction Thanks Lindsay
  8. Thanks very much for your feedback everybody, at this point I haven't tried your suggestions, but hopefully will do soon, In the meantime I thought it might be a good idea to show a better example of how I used feather in Illustrator.... I like how the top layer blends with the bottom.. (this example was done very quickly, without much detail...) Thanks Lindsay
  9. The one thing I miss the most from Illustrator is "Feather" (Effect/Stylize/Feather) I used it regularly, now I'm loving Designer and have been for quite some time, but would be over the moon to have that feature !
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