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  1. For the meanwhile I found a workflow which helps me a bit with the problem of the slow develop. I load the RAW file in Affinity and save it as a affinity project file. By using the pixel layer and clicking on the development persona I develop the .RAW as I want. Its a way much faster than working with the (in my case .ORF) original RAW format. But as a warning, I´m a total beginner with Affinity, maybe there is a better way, or my "alternative" way is not the best for an optimal result. Would be great if there is a possibility to update affinity for a better performance. By the way, great support and thanks for the fast replays. I really appreciate that
  2. Hi Lee, thanks for your reply Is there any possibility to use the "Haze Removal" filter non destructively (or maybe planned for further releases)? Cause its a bit odd, it´s one of the tools which are not in the live filter selection and I don´t understand why. It´s more a case of comprehension.
  3. Hello maybe someone could help me with my question. I don´t understand why I do not see the "Haze Removal" Filter in the Live Filter section. Is there any difference between the live filters and the "old fashion" filters which I choose from the top bar? Or in other words, is there a reason why "Haze Removal" is not included in the Live Filter Section. The only difference so far is , if I use a "Live Filter" I cannot slide between before/after through the blue before/after tile symbols.
  4. Hi guys, same problem here :) I use an Olympus OMD-E 5 Mark II with a Macbook 1,4 Ghz i7, 16 gb ram (2017). Seems that the Olympus file type .ORF is the problem, cause I tried .dng and it was a lot faster to load (5-7 sec.).. The time to load the .ORF file was round about 15-20 sec .But thats not the only "problem", if I use multiple tools the workflow slows more and more down. as further I usw the Develop Persona. Hope there is a chance to improve that. Anyway I love Affinity Photo its a great tool! greetings from Germany :)