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  1. For the meanwhile I found a workflow which helps me a bit with the problem of the slow develop. I load the RAW file in Affinity and save it as a affinity project file. By using the pixel layer and clicking on the development persona I develop the .RAW as I want. Its a way much faster than working with the (in my case .ORF) original RAW format. But as a warning, I´m a total beginner with Affinity, maybe there is a better way, or my "alternative" way is not the best for an optimal result. Would be great if there is a possibility to update affinity for a better performance. By the way, grea
  2. Hi Lee, thanks for your reply Is there any possibility to use the "Haze Removal" filter non destructively (or maybe planned for further releases)? Cause its a bit odd, it´s one of the tools which are not in the live filter selection and I don´t understand why. It´s more a case of comprehension.
  3. Hello maybe someone could help me with my question. I don´t understand why I do not see the "Haze Removal" Filter in the Live Filter section. Is there any difference between the live filters and the "old fashion" filters which I choose from the top bar? Or in other words, is there a reason why "Haze Removal" is not included in the Live Filter Section. The only difference so far is , if I use a "Live Filter" I cannot slide between before/after through the blue before/after tile symbols.
  4. Hi guys, same problem here :) I use an Olympus OMD-E 5 Mark II with a Macbook 1,4 Ghz i7, 16 gb ram (2017). Seems that the Olympus file type .ORF is the problem, cause I tried .dng and it was a lot faster to load (5-7 sec.).. The time to load the .ORF file was round about 15-20 sec .But thats not the only "problem", if I use multiple tools the workflow slows more and more down. as further I usw the Develop Persona. Hope there is a chance to improve that. Anyway I love Affinity Photo its a great tool! greetings from Germany :)
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