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  1. Oh ok! I just found a review on youtube where the person show this specific option and it looks pretty cool! If someone have the same question as me here is the link : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SGWZ4jdzBqQ Thank you for your answers! It was helpful!
  2. Thanks for your quick answer I juste have the trial version on computer now and I havn't found the sculpt icon. Is it juste available on the iPad?
  3. I am an illustrator and I love to work on the iPad in pixel. I really would like to also work in vector on the iPad but I juste have one big problem : The pencil tool. The only good pencil tool, in my opinion, is on Illustrator (Sorry). But only on the computer not on the iPad. What I really enjoy with the pencil tool is that you can retrace it until you find a path you are satisfied with. And it close the path automatically. I love to use this technique because I think the stroke have a more natural feeling as with the pen tool. I really miss this tool on the iPad and it's the only reason why I have to do my vector illustrations on my computer. I'm sure I'm not the only one in this case. I know some other illustrators who did't buy the iPad just because of this simple thing. And I know that the famous illustrator Olimpia Zagnoli use this technique to create her illustrations (she explain her process on skillshare). That's why I really don't understand why the pencil tool don't have this 2 functions on all vector app for the iPad. Affinity designer looks really really awesome! And would love to use it but only if the pencil tool is also great! Thanks to read my request! I hope it's enough clear because I don't speak so good in English ;)
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