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  1. I noticed this behavior, too. Setting my Pen button to Pan/Scroll lets me only pan vertically, not horizontally in Photo and Designer. The function Tumble does the trick though. In Photoshop and Illustrator it's the other way around. Pan/Scroll let's me scroll and move in all directions, whereas Tumble doesn't seem to do anything. Would be more intuitive, if «Pan/Scroll» could interpret the direction of the Pen movement.
  2. I can't reproduce the problem in version 1.6.5 of both Designer and Photo, so it seems fixed for me. Or the latest Windows update did the trick.
  3. Please consider the option to apply Master Pages not only to document pages, but also to other Master Pages. Use case: Create one Master Page A with the most basic elements for the whole document, then create other Master Pages B, C, D based on A with layout variants for certain pages.
  4. Thanks for your answer. I just reinstalled Designer and it didn't change. Any swatch in the context toolbar does this. I didn't create or import any swatches. New document, select a tool that can have a stroke or fill, e.g. the rectangle tool, click stroke or fill, select swatches view and double click. There's no crash when double clicking swatches in the panel on the right. And I just noticed the same behavior in Photo, too. Some system info (all up to date): Windows 10 Pro 64bit, latest build CPU i7-7700K RAM: 16 GB GPU: GTX 1080 Ti SSD: Samsung 850 P
  5. When double clicking a swatch (fill or stroke) in the toolbar, the app crashes. Every time. eb4059ab-09fe-48f8-8b07-25749e64d79f.dmp
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