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  1. Hi Im new to Affinity having been using Adobe products for years. Its a steep learning curve, with some great tools and some that perform oddly The dodge tool performs oddly in my opinion compared to photoshop if you set the opacity too high, it doesn’t just lighten the colour a lot; it literally destroys it. Some areas almost completely lose their colour, others completely alter. Working with part of a face in deep shadow, the one area went totally gray, the other a bright tan. In general, my way of working in Photoshop was to either slightly over-dodge or over burn and then use the fade menu command to get the shading or toning of an area absolutely perfect. In fact the Fade command is one of my most used commands as it is like fine tuning a radio. But IMO the dodge tool in Affinity is poorly implemented in terms of what it delivers and needs some attention unless I’m missing something. Peter
  2. verypeturbed

    Affinity dodge tool

    Here are some examples: The images speak for themselves. This should not be happening in a simple tool. The top one is PS, the bottom is affinity.

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