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  1. Hm interesting thanks for your answer, Im using preview for the pdf, print, and are not able to print it on a HP color laserjet....I can print it perfectly, however after I've exported the file to SVG and than I cannot print the AF file anymore....Need to do some digging...
  2. I use the SVG export to create a cut file for a plotter, part of the file needs to be printed before cutting and foiling, it needs to be printed with registration marks in the plotter software. The export from the file to SVG is ok, the import in the other program(silhouette studio) works fine too, but when I want to print the file on a Color Laserjet than the printer won't print it. The file get's stuck in the printer queue. I need to reinstall the printer again to get the printer working again with other files but not with this file. Even when I export this file to pdf after the export to SVG the same thing happens. It doesn't happen when I never export it to SVG, then it prints ok, but I need this proces for some other parts of the process to create the final product. I work on a Mac OS Mojave, HP color laserjet, all latest firmware reinstalled etc. cover christmastown.afdesign cover christmastown.svg
  3. How can I stop the Expand Stroke from smoothing the curves? I need accuracy in the design and this is not working due to the smoothing. After this I need to divide the blue and the black and green curves and than join them together again to make a celtic knot. Thanks a lot for your kind answer. Expand stroke.mov