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  1. I use Affinity Photo on my iPad Pro 10.5 with iOS 11 but very often filters such as auto levels, colors or white balance are occasionally nonresponsive, in fact very rarely they work unless you merge visible layers in the layers tab. This is a time consuming process and maybe could be streamlined?
  2. I have to say even after the latest update the pixelating effect still exists, and it isn’t for “split scond” but a good second or so! ...and not only during drawing, but also reshaping. Such a lag does not exist in Vectornator at all. Affinity needs to redesign its rendering engine to address this issue.
  3. I purchased Designer yesterday after reading many good reviews about it and examining its abilities and UI. I'm still pretty new to the app, and although it looks very promising, something struck me from the very beginning. As explained in this thread, the vector drawing is initially pixelated (rasterized) then converted to vector. Even if for a split second, it has a huge negative impact on the drawing experience in my view. I already have Concepts and Vectornator apps and none of them appear as such. Affinity clearly has not been able to utilize iPad's (at least iPad Pro's) full hardware resources. I think this is fixable in future updates (hopefully soon) before people like me start mentioning it in their App Store reviews. I have iPad Pro 10.5 with iOS 11.4.1 and Apple Pencil.