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  1. 3 hours ago, gdenby said:

    Hi, Andy Lin,

    I haven't figured out how to edit brushes yet on the iPad version, but in the desktop version, the position of the brush stroke ends is determined by the head and tail offset. Brushes can be made so that the texture does not go the whole length of the vector stroke. Typically, those are "wash" type brushes which are intended to look like separate brush or reed pen strokes.

    Thanks to your insight, I discovered that you can access the brush settings on the iPad by holding down on the brushes you want to edit. Hope this helps!

  2. I understand that this has been an issue for the desktop app. Unfortunately the work-arounds suggested by the more seasoned users doesn't seem to work for the iPad version.

    Any brushes that are not Solid Pen will result in a visible gap despite the shape being closed/joined. The original gap will go away once you break the curve elsewhere (creating another gap). I'm under the impression that this is not actually a bug, but rather an aesthetic thing where textures appearing to be hand-drawn aren't supposed to look perfect. It'd be awesome to have the option to close the gap though.

    Any feedback is welcome!


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