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  1. Hi, everyone ~ I'm a new user of Affinity Designer here. I bought the Desktop version and now I'm thinking of buying the ipad version. I'm also getting a new ipad. I may have a question about the ipad model and how much storage I need to get in order to get Affinity Designer run smoothly: I know it works on ipad air 2, but I will prefer to purchase the most current released model of Ipad pro just because it's almost certain that for any graphic and heavy design work creation, I can't imagine ipad air 2 can handle any good performance on that. I know for sure I will have to buy an Ipad Pro. So now I'm struggling in between if I should purchase Ipad Pro 256GB? or 512GB?? I read an article and I pasted some useful information here ~ it says: https://www.imore.com/what-ipad-storage-size-should-you-get Since vector file size is way smaller than raster file size, running Affinity Designer to do complicated vector art shouldn't be a problem on Ipad pro. Now it's just about the price ~ if 215GB is more than enough to handle heavy vector graphic creation work on Affinity Designer, then it should be my first choice; since 512GB is more expensive. Any suggestion would be appreciated Thank you <3