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  1. Hello, I usually use my iPad with the Smart Keyboard Folio and many times I would like to delete something I have selected with the key as it happens in the desktop app. Is there anything about this? Thanks! And I take this opportunity to thank affinity for the great work they are doing.
  2. Hi friends, In affinity designer for ipad, with the keyboard on and with the pen tool, if you press shift, it makes a perfect straight line, is it possible to access this option without the keyboard on? is there any gesture?
  3. Woah! Thank you so much Gabe, that's awesome this will be my workflow for clean drawings.
  4. Here you have Gabe, Is the saved image of the scanner and already applied the erase whitepaper effect Thank you! Scan.afphoto
  5. Well, I do it manually and can make adjustments layers but I think that 'Erase white paper' is more effective to erase all white background whitout affect to the drawing that this manner. Is there a bug or a problem within this effect and the adjustments layers?
  6. Hi, I have a drawing that I have scanned, later, I have passed it through affinity photo to eliminate the white background and to leave it as png, after doing this, to be able to apply contrast to it, the effects do nothing on the image. However, if I open any other png that has not been passed by that effect leaves me no problem. Is there a way to remove white backgrounds and use the adjustment layers? Thanks!
  7. I've fixed it by reducing the ramp setting but I don't think it's the right thing to do.
  8. Hey, When I make a selection and pass it through the refine option, the selection comes out perfect in the refine section, but when I give it to accept it, it comes out around the image some spots. Why? Hope you can help me!
  9. Hi, I would like to know how to keep the gradient options in a Pixel layer, because when I remove the gradient tool the bar disappears and I cannot edit the gradient again, I would like to know how to recover the gradient if I change to another tool. Thank you so much
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