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  1. Hello support, It would be great to delete all the my editing settings after closing Affinity and not after closing an image. I always have to repeat, repeat, re........It is annoing. For instance, cut an image 1x1 or fixed size. Thank you
  2. Sorry, but it is far away from Photoshop There is so much misssing. F.
  3. Hello, Large PDF does need to load a long long time. Sometimes i does not load at all. Especially loeading more than one file PSE does load these files in 10 seconds Sorry
  4. I do want to open an image in 100% scale and not fullsize. After cutting an image, it becomes fullsize and so on. When I save an image in tiff or jpg, Affinity always wants to save its own affinity file. When I cloes an image, Affinity always resets the scale for cutting. In many cases Affinity is so awkward It is so annoying. Sorry
  5. I also do hope that this will change. That is completely annoying. For instance you cut an 200px image and you have full size.
  6. Hello, is it possible to make the toolsbar larger? Thank you
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