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  1. @Sean P....That’s great news.
  2. @Paul Mudditt.....Thanks. Your advice worked. I first imported an image from iPad Photo to Affinity Photo where iPad asked for permission to allow Affinity photo to access the Photo folder. After this, I’m now able to export jpeg images from Affinity Photo to the Photo folder in the iPad.
  3. This does not solve the issue. The above post shows an image where the Designer app shows the Photos “Read and Write” options; whereas, Affinity Photo does not have this option. I have attached a screenshot to show the same. The temporary workaround right now is that I upload to my Gmail account and then download to the “Photos” folder in the iPad. Please help.
  4. While I’m trying to export an image in JPEG to the Photo folder in my iPad 12.9, the app crashes and goes to the home screen. Please help.

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