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  1. @walt.farrell emmm, i have no idea what is describe in the *.Log file .i'm not sure what going on, maybe installer was not fully downloaded🤷‍♂️, but I've tried re-download~ i still waitting who can talk about the download things~i think the download links are directing the wrong files, maybe🤦‍♂️
  2. I've tried re-download,it still error .Could you check the download link everything is ok ?
  3. @emmrecs01 Thanks for your reply. I bought the apps direct from Serif store. I Uploaded Files SetupUI.log , you can check it. SetupUI.log
  4. My Photo Pulisher and Designer 1.8.2 setup has all failed. Download files designer is 483mb , photo is 491mb , publisher is 479mb , all of them not match volume of official information , I've tried re-download~
  5. It was you help me found other way to check the problem , thank you so much~
  6. Don C Thanks you replied ! I think I found problem . My *.otf files was stored in OneDrive. I was connected OneDrive to Files app , and I opened *.otf from Files App, it need to download those *.otf from OneDrive immediately. But by unknown reason , Files App opened the *.otf while some files download not finish yet. The setup tab of Font was look like the Image I uploaded. I’m not seeing any error message. for now I’m download the *.otf from OneDrive with Documents by Reaaddle , and then I open the *.otf in Files App with it , everything OK now~ Thanks again !
  7. Hi Don C I have the same problem with andrewsimper when added the Font Source Han Sans.otf.Actually , Bold \Extralight\Light can work,other not. You can download the Font in here https://github.com/adobe-fonts/source-han-sans/tree/release And I have no problem to Delete them , but I need all the Source Han Sans.oft work with the job, hope you can fix this problem.
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