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  1. Hi Sean, Thanks for your help - I hadn't caught that it only works on iCloud - I was trying with Box. I also missed the part about having to tap 'Export All' a second time. As for the file with the slices resizing, I'm attaching them here - it's been a while so I can't remember which file type I'd originally started with... Hope that helps! vector_owl.svg vector_owl.ai vector_owl.eps
  2. Hi Sean, Thanks for the detailed response. I'm pretty sure I followed your instructions exactly but it still didn't export the slices to the selected folder. I'm attaching a video that shows both my steps taken to do the export and the bounding boxes for the slices having moved after completing Export All. NIJX7127.MP4
  3. I followed the videos and was excited to use the slice feature in the Export Persona. Initially it shows each of my slices boxed off as they should be. But when I click Export All (I'm trying to export as .eps), a window opens for my cloud files but there is no option to save. The only choices are "Select" and "Done". If you click "Select" it shows everything greyed out. I have tried with iCloud Drive, Box, DropBox... Nothing works. Even worse, when I then click cancel and am returned to the main AD screen, all of the bounding boxes for the slices have shifted up and to the right from where the actual images are.
  4. I encountered this last night. I closed the document and rebooted my iPad. Wasn't sure what to make of it, but it seems likely to be due to Designer... I'm on the original iPad 12.9 iOS 11.4.1
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