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  1. I second. Very good documentation indeed (and in French!), and very good tutorials too. However, about compounds, in French, they are called "Composé" after creation. Searching for "Composé" returns nothing in the help file. Eventually, I found the explanation by looking for "Combiner" (I think it is the name of the menu item on Mac), and the page returned is called something like "relier les objets"... Besides, it could be useful to have a link to this chapter from other pages, like pages on Layers, and those on boolean operators. My 2 cents. Anyway, I am very happy to have AD on iPad now, and that it is soooo complete. Congratulations again.
  2. Thanks a lot. In a way, it is even more intuitive than on the desktop AD! Questions/feedback to the development team: Is that documented? A quick look at the tutorial, I saw that boolean operations were explained, but I did not find compounds. If it is actually missing, I think it should be highlighted, it is such a nice feature! I crashed once trying to move on object from a compound to another. However, I was not able to reproduce the bug. Thanks again for the answer, and to the development team: WOW! I still cannot believe that such a tool can run on an iPad!
  3. Hi, One of my favorite features in AD for Mac/Windows is compound shapes, with the possibility to apply boolean operations without loosing the geometry of the original shapes. I have not been able to do the same on iPad. However, if I modify on the iPad a drawing created on the Mac, I see that compound shapes are correctly handled on the iPad, (I can move the individual shapes and I can even move existing shapes into the compound by dragging the corresponding layer into the compound "group"), but I do no see, for example, where I could change the associated boolean operation (e.g. from Add to Intersect). Am I missing something? Thank you for your help. Dahu
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