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  1. Hello Sean P, I have managed to do exactly what you said regarding "resetting icloud" It did replace the correct Affinity Designer / Photo Badge for both the Files App [any linked device] and iCloud Drive accessibly from any Web Browser The only thing remaining was when I go back to the iCloud Storage tab, as detailed below, when both the badges reappeared they still show both as Affinity Photo, its just viewing the iCloud Storage folder this way, makes it very confusing, as apart from looking at the contained files, it is very difficult to tell which is which! I do understand a little bit on the development of apps, and the new designer must have similarities to the Photos, but just to make a note that in certain areas, i.e app store, iCloud, iPad Storage contents, some list the apps as "Photos" and "Designer" others "Affinity Photo" and "Affinity Designer", could there possibly be some areas in the Designer iOS app where the naming has been done incorrect thanks for the response and help, but any further details on the iCloud Storage bug would be most appreciated Many Thanks leb050
  2. Hello Everything above you mentioned is correct and I agree with and Settings > Apple ID > iCloud > Manage Storage, is the only place to see this, it has to be the app doing this, not iCloud, so this part is the bug I am trying to get mentioned, yes using the files app bypasses this problem, but this a bug / flaw in the app that needs to be addressed, and the message I am trying to get across
  3. Yes correct in the files app, but they are both identically identified as Affinity Photos when viewed in the iCloud Storage settings view, just because its ok, in the files app, but not in the icloud settings storage can't be ignore, if you ever have to restore the icloud storage, they are both identical and can't be separated, as detailed in the screen shot below , so you'll be looking at Affinity Photo and Affinity Photo show me your view of the icloud storage, and not through the files app or web browser, there are other ways of seeing this information, and should be not ignored when they are incorrect
  4. Ok, understand, but its really confusing, I have tested it and researched this iCloud badge name thing, its just this Affinity Photo naming has got to be coming from the app, not within files App, I don't understand while having apps that do share common functionality, there iCloud use is identical, so there has to be a way to separate these apart afphoto is photo and afdesign is designer
  5. Hello apart from the iCloud Settings confusion apart, you mentioned in your last post, that you see 2 Affinity Photo badges, this is obviously a bug I am describing, as you shouldn't see two, isn't one suppose to for Affinity Designer, so you can tell the 2 apart?
  6. Hello This is the view I see for my iCloud Settings
  7. Hello on the iOS device, goto Settings, the very top option, would say AppleID, iCloud, iTunes & App Store, click this, then select iCloud, under Payment & Shipping you'll see how much icloud storage you have, just above the "Apps using iCloud", there is an option "Manage Storage", this is where I get 2 Affinity Photo icons also, this is what my iCloud browser looks like, can't seem to change it
  8. Hello I have noticed an issue with the new Affinity Designer ipad App icon when it is using icloud Storage on a iOS device, going to Settings, click [your-name], AppleID, iCloud, iTunes & AppStore, then under the iCloud a list of apps that are using iCloud Storage, on my iPad Pro Gen1 12.9", where I have both Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer install, both appearing in their correct icon, see 1st example below But if you click Manage Storage, you will see 2 Affinity Photo Documents and Data icon, when I examine the files included, one is for Designer and the other is for Photo, but when you view the list of iCloud Storage [any iOS device, including the one with Affinity installed, iCloud Web and also through the iCloud for Windows extension], you will always see 2 identical Affinity Photos, never a separate one for Designer, see example 2 Also an extra note, the only place I see the Affinity Designer icon, is if I go on to the files app from iOS device with Affinity installed. Any other iOS device, it will be the Photos icon, buy says "Affinity Designer" Hope this information, and if you need any further information don't hesitate to ask Many Thanks
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