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  1. I'm a small business owner, with many small business owner friends who are always interested in cutting costs (for example replacing Adobe Master Suite subscription costs)... Affinity Photo seems like a perfect fit as an alternative to PhotoShop. However, it's smaller things like this (mentioned above), which take extra steps or are not available that would dissuade one (or one's small business) from making the switch; simply put, time is money. The price is VERY competitive, and the licensing (not restricting machines as long as the same user) is hugely enticing. I'm usually the one making the early move and will enjoy the cost savings with your exceptional products. However, please know that others will expect these features (regardless of cost and less restrictive licensing). I wish you well in this market and hope you stay affordable and keep license friendly practices as you grow (and add features). Thank you. -Jessy Houle