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  1. Thanks. I guess I'll wait. I imagine designer would allow me to do what I want, except I wonder if I'd be able to work on a single 'object' such as a photo and then export the photo outside of any kind of design. I imagine so.
  2. Hi, I'm wondering if I could get a suggestion about what program would be ideal for me. I don't want to buy more than one because I simply wouldn't use it very often. I'm also not artistic, necessarily so I won't be drawing anything on my own, but would like the ability to edit work I've purchased (or photos I've taken, etc.) I need it to edit pieces of work already in my possession, such as the text of a business card, the colors of my logo, elements that I'd put on my website including both photos and other art, and be able to manipulate resolutions and file formats. The only reason I am considering Designer is that I can keep the quality high (high export resolution) while making edits of say, my business card. Otherwise, Photo makes more sense for me. I'm wondering if anyone knows what Publisher will offer? Maybe it will allow for the basic kinds of edits I would do myself of both vector and bitmap (working in layers, resizing and moving elements, changing colors). It seems that that is exactly the kind of program that I need if it allows for at least basic photo retouching. Thanks!
  3. Is there an opt-in for the Beta 'program'? Thanks

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