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  1. Ok thanks I’ll add the suggestions there. Do you know when the beta for Designer will reopen again?
  2. Hi Lee I did see those links but that’s more for what things are bugs in the beta isn’t it? Rather than suggestions for new features? cheers
  3. Hey, I’m a big affinity fan, but recently downloaded the Adobe photoshop app out of curiosity and although most things are better to use with Affinity Photo/ designer apps, I did notice that Adobe currently has a more intuitive and efficient way of adding elements, fonts, icons, document presets etc as well as the document automatically saving to the cloud easier than affinity currently allows. I wanted to see if there are plans to improve this seeing as there is the ability to move between the affinity suite via the click of a button? Will all this come to the iPad apps too? cheers Ollie
  4. Hi Sean, ah ok didn’t know I had to enable history of a document, how do I do that? When I work on another piece with complex shapes I’ll send here for you to look at. Also on a sort of separate note are there plans to improve the iCloud capabilities of the app? Having used many other apps that would automatically save a document to the cloud when going to the main menu it’s extremely frustrating to have to go into the little burger back icon and manually save documents to the cloud, especially if you aren’t on the device where it originated, then you can’t access the work at all.
  5. I’ve also uploaded to the Dropbox I should mention, cheers
  6. Hi Sean, thats ok, thanks for getting back to me. I’ve been playing around with it and deleting many many nodes and I seem to of finally been able to get the lines to join, and this is the latest version I have, are you able to go back in the history of the document to see before it was all joined together? Cheers Ollie
  7. Ok great, thanks for your help. I’ll wait to hear from the dev team. cheers
  8. I was using the pencil tool > selected expand stroke > selected multiple overlapping expanded shapes > then pressed add. I had a play around with it yesterday and it seems that when making the shapes a cluster of nodes can cause an issue, as when I remove nodes it works for adding some shapes together. Not sure if this is something the tea is aware of but it would be very helpful if this can be fixed. It’s taken hours to delete loads of nodes.
  9. Ok great, do I need to notify them or are they aware already? Cheers
  10. Hi DM1 I can’t upload it to a public forum as it’s part of commissioned work. Is there a way I can send via private message? cheers Ollie
  11. Hi I’m working on an illustration and trying to turn all the lines into shapes so I can colour them, I’m doing as I usually would and expanding the stroke > then in geometry tools click add but when I do that the add loading screen appears and then gets stuck on that screen, it works fine on some expanded shapes when adding them others it doesn’t. I’m selecting only a small part of my illustration to do this too it’s not the whole illustration which would likely take time as it’s more complex, but surely it should be able to work on complex shapes too shouldn’t it? Look forward to your reply. FCD01CA7-3E54-46AD-BCD7-C4A0AD67B6F7.MOV
  12. Hi, I’m new to the forums, and I’m having the same issue as Akim. I have been using graphic (formerly idraw) to create my brushes, easily adjusting the brush handles and been waiting for this release of Affinity designer on the iPad, but I’m finding it far more complex just to access brushes that I want to draw with. Every time I try to create brushes how I want it means I have to use the pencil tool, can it not just be that the brushes handles are editable in the brushes studio? I too am looking to use brushes like Akim, with solid brushes of thicker and thinner ends, and I don’t realistically want to use these with pressure. Smoothing of the lines would be very useful like idraw has too. I haven’t got the desktop version of Affinity Designer so can’t create my brushes via the desktop app to then export to the iPad version. Has anyone been able to create brushes like the ones Akim mentioned natively in the iPad app? Thanks in advance for the help. Cheers
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