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  1. How i can insert circle or other figure on a Path feature like Text on a Path feature.
  2. I have a Lasercut laser program that accepts vector PLT AI DXF DST files. How can I export a file from Desinger?
  3. Fill color not working but change the style for sunset and fill work again
  4. I delet fill stop on circle . How can I fill the object color again ?
  5. how to change the selected area into a vector object. The Corel function was an intelligent object
  6. widek

    Problem with lines

    I also started to test the program I'm in a similar position. stretch the pressure. should be a straight curve.
  7. I am a new user and worries me because I can not find a counterpart of photoshop. I need to create a spoot channel white ink 0. In photoshop - cmyk, swich in channel, create new spot channel and set ink character should be white. How it can be done in a designer. Can anyone help?