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  1. At first I was very confused as to why I couldn’t import my drawings into Webtoon even though the file is “jpeg”. Webtoon only supports “.JPG” files and not “.jpeg” files, and I believe that universally, it should be “.JPG”. If possible, can you change the files that the “export persona” exports as “.JPG” not as “.jpeg” ? *also I did try to change the name from .jpeg to .jpg but it still does not work* I know that you guys are busy so you don’t have to hurry! Thank you for giving this app on iPad! I’m enjoying it very much
  2. In the export persona, I used the slice tool and slice up the pictures. The export function works for iCloud Drive, but not for google drive. I use google drive to sync file between my iPad and (window) PC. If you can fix this, Thank you!
  3. I’m making a webtoon on an iPad and put texts on Affinity Photo. However, the length of my Webtoon is very long and I want to be able to cut the photo in to 3 so that it can fit the size requirements for Webtoon. I was doing this in Photoshop using the slice tool, but it would be REALLY cool if Affinity photo can do this as well! I know that it might be a very minor tool for most other users, but it would make Affinity Photo feel even more professional too! Thank for reading
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