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  1. Hallo, I need help. I created some stuff for printing press on the iPad version of the designer. There are some eps files embedded. When I export a pdf, everything gets exported as vector graphics, except the embedded eps files. Those eps files are vector files. When I double tap on the files I can normally edit them within the Designer. Can someone explain the behavior to me? I need everything being vector graphics. Thanks Nico
  2. I’m 100% certain, that the issue will be fixed before the official release, even so I hope before that. There is still a chance that Apple might fix it in one of the betas. There is a good chance today will be a new one, or the beginning of next week.
  3. Thanks for the info, just wrote an eMail to apply for the TestFlight group. I’d be happy to give feedback.
  4. Hi, can you maybe give us a rough timeline update since the public beta is now available? No mater how long it will need, just wanted to thank you guys that you are looking into it even so it might be a temporary issue from apples side.
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