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  1. Thanks for the details. I use InDesign CS 6 for my newsletter, three times/year. They range from 15 to 35 pages. I do a few color prints, but the majority is sent via email with pdf files. I have 34 years of issues, so compatibility is a must. I also have done 5 self published books. I have no reason to abandon CS 6, and much less reason to upgrade. However, with your response, I am hopeful that several years down the road, I can buy products from Affinity. They will replace Adobe for my upgrade path. Lou
  2. Gabe, How can I get announcements from Affinity? I am feeling an optimism about Affinity as a place to go as Adobe retreats from my interests and money. If I move piece by piece to equivalents (Illustrator, Photoshop, and eventually InDesign) will their be a big learning curve? Same features? Updates? With your pricing, you could create enthusiastic apostles to spread your share of the market. Lou
  3. I currently use Design Premium CS 6. I refuse Adobe's model of eternally renting its CC versions. I am looking for package that replaces my software. Does Affinity do this? Will it have an integrated package for my desktop publishing. Will it be able to read all the files I created with the Adobe Suite? I belong to InDesign Secrets. There is a group of us, about 25%, that haven't or won't upgrade to the CC versions. Is Affinity our savior? Lou
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