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  1. I'm working in Affinity Design for iPad and I'm trying to create an SVG text on a curve to import into another program where I'm creating a coin. The reason I'm doing it as an SVG is I can then take the letters and "extrude" or give them thickness on the coin for 3d printing. The text has to be curved like it would appear on the edge of a coin. I've created the text in Affinity the way I want it having it follow the edge of a circular path and I've tried exporting it as an SVG in just about every configuration I can think of but when I import it into the other program as an SVG, the other program is Fusion 360, the text is no longer aligned on the path. The letters follow the circular path but they are not aligned with one another, they are all screwed with each other. I've attached two photos showing how it looks in Affinity and how it looks after importing it into Fusion. The one with the pink text is after importing into Fusion. It is a direct import with no resizing or anything. Any help with this is much appreciated. Thanks.
  2. You're absolutely correct. I've been going back and forth using both my ipad and Microsoft Surface Pro 3 the past few days editing photos on both and just got confused for a moment. Disregard the iPad comment. I'm using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10. The input device is the Pen that came with the Surface Pro. Sorry for the confusion. As I said, I've been using Affinity on both the iPad and Surface Pro the past several days switching back and forth between the two. The issue is with the Surface Pro on Windows 10. Thanks
  3. I am using a iPad Pro with a Apple Pencil as the input device. After changing the mode to “add” and the tolerance to something like 11% I start “clicking” on various parts of the photo with the Apple Pencil. I’m pretty sure I’m just clicking on a single point without moving the pencil point while clicking but after about 5 or 8 clicks or so the tolerance sets itself to 1%. I can tell it does this without even looking at it because selecting additional portions of the photo no longer works. I then change the tolerance back to whatever I want, continue clicking and after 5 to 8 clicks or so it will do it again. This is on my iPad Pro 12.9 inch. I also have an iPad Pro 10 inch but I haven’t tried loading the application on that one yet to see if it does the same thing. I’ll try that tonight and report back my findings. I’m curious to see if my other iPad behaves the same way this one does.
  4. I am using the flood select tool and when I change from "new" to "add" mode I change the tolerance as shown in the attached photo. When selecting additional areas to include in the selection I am not dragging. I am using my stylus and clicking on different areas of the image. It I while I'm clicking on these areas the tolerance changes from 11% (like in the attached photo) to 1% by itself. If I change the percentage of the tolerance back to 11% and continue making selections, it will change back to 1% again after I make 5 or 6 selections or so.
  5. When I'm using the selection tool I first use it in the “new” mode to select the first portion of the image I want. I then change the tool to the “add” mode and change the tolerance to something like 15 (for example). I then start repeatedly selecting areas of the image to add to the selection. During this time the tolerance will automatically change from 15 to 1 by itself. This happens almost every time I use the selection tool. Even if I go in and change the tolerance back to 15, after I resume making selections the tolerance will change back to 1 again by itself. The tolerance keeps changing by itself while I'm selecting additional portions of the image to include in the selection. I don’t know If it makes any difference but I'm using a Microsoft Surface Pro 3 without the keyboard so I'm selecting everything with just the stylus. It has a 256 gig ssd, 8 gig of ram, and a Intel core i5 processor. I'm also running Windows 10 and using version of Affinity.
  6. I don’t know why but I tried again and they just started working. The only thing I can think of is it must have been something to do with the internet connection. Thanks for the replies and the help.
  7. I can’t get the tutorials to work on my iPad Pro. I’ve tried re-installing the application but when clicking on the tutorials, it just sits there and doesn’t play any of them. It did play one of them at first but now it won’t play any of them now. Any ideas what I can try? Thanks in advance.
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