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    Crash when trying to change font

    Thank you so much MEB! That did the trick! I use a MacBook Pro and use RDM to change the resolution to 2880x1800, as soon as I did as you recommended the fonts worked perfectly immediately. The other user account has a lower resolution setting than I do so that's why it was working fine for them. Is there a reason why this happened recently? I opened up AD after a few months and I know for sure it used to work fine at the resolution I had it set to. I can keep changing my resolution back for now but with the workload I have coming up it'd be nice if it gets sorted soon! I'm sure you all have lots of other more important things to fix first so I'll be patient. Thanks again, I really appreciate it.
  2. Hi all, referred here from Twitter. On Affinity Designer, whenever I'm trying to change the font after using/selecting text I created using the Artistic Text Tool, the app keeps crashing. I see the little rainbow umbrella every time immediately after I've clicked the drop-down arrow and it stays until I force quit the app. I tried leaving it for an hour and it just stayed the same. I've tried: -restarting my Mac -checking Font Book for any custom fonts in the User menu and there are none -new documents -existing documents And the same issue is occurring. I've also tried using one of the other user accounts (which actually has many custom fonts installed in the User section of Font Book) and funnily enough everything works perfectly on that account. I have the administrator account and can't delete it because there's just too much on it. Please let me know if there's any information I can provide such as specs of my device, etc. I'm running the latest versions of macOS and Affinity.