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  1. After enduring disappoint with the AP/Photos editing issues described by all since June 2019, I decided to try the Edit With Affinity interface once again. As recently as two months ago the process simply failed every time in one way or another. Tonight, to my astonishment and joy, the functionality is back. I did nothing magical or tech smart. Just kept all apps up to date and OS too. i understand the frustration we all have with the app but all I can say is keep trying it regularly. The fix may be there without it seeming apparent.
  2. RCR Thanks for the tip. Works beautifully. I must admit I didn't even know that function was available! And since I often sharpen in Photos instead of Affinity it fits fine with the workflow. Again, thanks!
  3. I am having the same issue but I don't see any resolution posted here. I am using v 1.7.0 to edit/process images opened from Mac Photos by using the short cut in Photos to load to Affinity. I have tried just the CMD S function, I have tried closing the file and answering Save and nothing works to update the image back to Photos. I have resorted to Exporting the image to desktop then drag and drop back to Photos which does place the image back in the date sequence but I still have two images where once I could simply update the one. This slows productivity way down. Any idea when this might get fixed?
  4. I'm new to Affinity Photo for Mac but a long time user of Paint Shop Pro for Windows. I see the healing brush tool tutorial mentioned in a few posts and I have scanned the list from top to bottom twice including a "Find" word search on the web page and I cannot find the tutorial. Can someone send me a link, please. And thanks for this spectacularly good photo editing product. It blows the competition away. - desertrat
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