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    Affinity Luminance \ Noise reduction. ?!

    This issue is specific to Sony A7-A9 series raw files. I’ve also brought this issue up several months back, and it has still not been addressed. Affinity photo is useless for Sony Alpha camera users who wish to edit raw photos, it’s simply broken.
  2. James Zsigmond

    Bad RAW processing Fujifilm x-e3

    Problem still persists with Raw files from Sony A7 and A9 series as well..... No such issues when processing these raw files in Lightroom IOS however........
  3. James Zsigmond

    Strange Noise in Shadows in A7RII/III A9 Raw files

    Is this being looked into?
  4. James Zsigmond

    Strange Noise in Shadows in A7RII/III A9 Raw files

    A7riii raw file intentionally underexposed for demonstration purposes. _DSC1787.ARW
  5. When brining up the exposure in the underexposed areas of a RAW photo from these three Sony Camera’s: A7RII, A7RIII, and A9, strange clusters of noise (sometimes the clusters are a purpleish/red color) appear throughout the shadow area, this seems to only happens in affinity photo (IPad version) and not in other raw editors that I use on my IPad Pro (Ver 2).

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