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  1. Thanks very much, I really appreciate it. Let's see how this works out.
  2. Heya Mike, thanks for the reply. I've seen talk of font managers but never used one. Do you mind suggesting one that works on Windows 10? So if I had a project open in Affinity and got to the point of selecting fonts, I assume I would open said Font Manager and browse through it (it would show me what they look like and not just their font names, right?) and then activate the ones I want to try which would then be available in Affinity? Or would I have to reboot Affinity for the fonts to be available?
  3. Hello all. My name is Eryk and I'm a font-a-holic. I just got Affinity to see how it will work compared to Illustrator and unfortunately, at this point, I can't really try it because the loading time is unacceptable due to the number of fonts on my system. I don't want to remove my fonts, or deactivate/reactivate as needed. I like to browse different fonts as I'm working on a project, I rarely go into a project with a set font in mind. Is there anything I can do on my windows 10 PC, to speed up Affinity's loading of my fonts? Sorry if this question has been answered already. I promise I did a search on the forums for slow loading with too many fonts, and I didn't find anything relevant. Thank you and warm regards, --Eryk