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  1. IS there a way to snap tangent circles? i´ve been playing around the snaping option and havent find anything usefull.
  2. im tryng to do something like this. And it works fine, but its not exat, the circles arent touching, i have to zoom in a lot to manually make them touch.
  3. Yeah i do that, but most of the times, the circles are missalign, they are not touching, i hace to zoom really really close to make them touch.
  4. Thanks for the repply, i am using that approach, but it isnt exact, even if i snap to object geometry and all of that, it sometimes gets missallign. I´m making circular grid logos, and the fact that there isnt a proper shape builder tool, i am converting to curves, and then adding nodes, then cutting the rest of the nodes.
  5. Thanks, i been looking for this for a long time.
  6. It would be awesome to have some sort of "repeat grid" like in adobe XD