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  1. Thanks for all the help. However, i have discontinued use of AP for a while. I will try again after the next update. i have used Adobe photo duo (PS & LR) as well as Capture One since version 7 with- out much fuss, and will stay with those methods. As i mentioned, AP is a good solution if all work is done there. I am hooked on DXO for RAW development. I hope to try AP again soon!!
  2. I did the following: made one image and stored as usual, i imported it into DXO PL and made a few adjustments. I then exported the file to disc as a 16bit RGB TIFF. I then used CTRL+O in Affinity to open the file in the Photo Persona, and voila, it opened with a red tint, as have other TIFF files from DXO Photolab. I have no issues when doing all work (RAW + layers in Photo) in Affinity. smadell, it seems that i followed your first scenario. I appreciate all replies.
  3. On opening a TIFF processed in DXO Photolab, the AP file as a pronounced red tint. Does the tint occur because of .DOP incompatibility? AP preferences and Assistant have not been able to resolve the problem.
  4. The problem could be that RAW developers do not communicate with each other. A solution would be to complete RAW editing in the program of choice and send that file to Affinity Photo as a PSD or TIFF which Affinity Photo can accurately decode. The corrections made in your RAW editor should be reproduced faithfully in AP.