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  1. Hi MEB Glad to be here. I had tried to reset Studio earlier but it didn't work. So, I restarted Designer with the control button pressed and the title box was over the Clear User Data dialog box. I had previously chosen to not display that at start-up and it came up anyway. I had to force quit. I will choose not to display at start-up again to see if it works. OK, that panel keeps popping up but I just clicked the window underneath. Th swatches panel is as it should be. Thanks for the help.
  2. .There is a little gray box just outside of the color swatches that is a part of the selection box that I can't access. I am working with the Trial version of Affinity Designer. I was looking for the color swatches and I noticed gray scale swatches. I didn't see the color swatches and didn't see them anywhere to be displayed in Studio. I accidently scrolled with the Magic Mouse while on the gray scale and I could barely see a selection box under it that would allow me to choose color swatches, Pantone swatches, etc. Why isn't that selection box in clear view and useable? Mac OS Sierra.