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  1. Hello, i just made a header design for a twitter account, the size is 1500x500px and set with a transparent background, but for whatever reason when i try to export the file into a png 24, it only give me the option of png, and png 8 dithered. this causes my artwork to look extreamly blurry and low res. when i post it online. please help me with this issue.
  2. dang, well thanks for your time anyway man, appreciate it
  3. iv read that somewhere and my monitor is allready set to srgb, maby im not doing it right, can you walk me through it?
  4. So when i came back from school, my computer was going through a couple updates, and when the updates finished, i opens up affinity designer, and the white colors were tinted in a yellowish color, this dosent go for just one file, this goes for all of them. i messed with some settings in color preferences, but nothing changed, please someone help me fix this issue, and quickly too, cause i have clients waiting for me to finish their gfx designs.
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