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  1. Thanks. I think what I am struggling to learn is the difference between PS Color range selection and AP select sampled color. It appears that AF select sampled colour is "more aggressive" than PS. Attached are 2 images I tried to sample in the exact same spot and about the same amount of 'fuzzieness' / 'tolerance' but you can see that in AF the colour sampling "grabs" more. It is clear this is a learning curve as I learn the nuances of AF. Can you recommend an article the goes a little deeper explaining how AF select sampled colour works? On a side note, I do like the mask preview in PS Colour range. Marching ants can't show the grey values selected. Thanks for the help.
  2. Please point me to the answer to this question if it exists. I have not been able to find it. In Photoshop I am able to edit a mask by using a selection. If I have a layer mask and then (as an example) use Select>Colour Range to make a selection, with that selection active I can click on the layer mask then using white/black brush tool I can paint to refine the mask. The selection acting to 'mask' for where white/black is applied. Is this possible and how would you achieve it? This question is born from me trying to understand the Select Sampled Colour as compared to PS Select>Colour range. For example, if I want to select a red rose, the red sampled in PS Colour range select just the red of the flower. It behaves like an edge detection tool (unless I push fuzzieness way up). AP Select Sampled Colours doesn't select colour in the same image the same way. If I make the selection in PS with CR, create a new layer and then paint the selection I get the rose. If I do the same if AP it paints the rose but also the background. It's almost like AP SSC is selecting luminosity too. I hope I'm explaining that clearly. So I need a way to edit the mask using a selection. Thanks
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