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  1. Well, Preview isn't very good with CMYK color space (and not good with masks either), so CMYK pdf's can be a little strange. Adobe Acrobat display's 100% black plates "dull" if that is ticked in preferences (like you can do that in Illustrator or InDesign), so I thought this could be the issue. There are some difficulties with CMYK colorspace output in Designer: EPS always is exported as RGB, but for me PDF does work.
  2. Not really sure about this, but I think it's because the colorspace of the PDF is CMYK. Is the black background CMYK: 0 0 0 100?
  3. Dear developers, Is it possible to add the viewBox tag to SVG export? It could echo the width and height tags for instance (that would be relatively easy I think). I appreciate the SVG output of Designer: it is among the cleanest I have seen.
  4. …Inkscape has a GUI version based on Potrace built-in (free but a bit annoying).
  5. A preference is nice :-) …I always hated InDesign not using standard OSX settings for text navigation.
  6. Hm… I bought Affinity Designer right when it became available: that is, for myself (not for the company I work for). It looks like the OpenType features are not reliable: attached are two screenshots of a small poster set in Adobe Garamond Premier Pro (2005): in two textboxes he OpenType features panel shows me options, for the third one not. For one text box the OpenType features are applied incorrect. Since I bought Affinity Designer I had some more time to test type settings, and paste text from one application into Designer. No matter what OpenType font I use, I do not get the same results twice. I also miss the OSX standard combinations to navigate within text (using the alt-arrow combinations). As a drawing tool Designer is quite (insanely!) good (and really fast on older hardware!), but if the same text engine will be used in Publisher I doubt if I would buy that program as well: it would need a lot of work.
  7. I just bought Affinity Designer at the Mac Appstore :-) There is a small gripe with this first version: if I save a document in a place where I have turned off the "Show Preview" option (I have this turned off for the Desktop) I get a generic document Icon, because Affinity Designer appears to have no .ICNS file within the resources folder of the application. Could this be "fixed"?
  8. Hm… tried it again today… yesterday it worked, but today not… (maybe I wasn't looking yesterday?)
  9. SVG's do not have layers. If you use Inkscape there is a basic layer tool, but these are grouped objects stacked above each other. If you want to use layers in svg you should look at the <g>…</g> enclosures (sorry for my lousy English: hope this makes sense).
  10. On my computer it does in Affinity. Not in Pages: this feature was lost with the latest version (although Apple promised it will be returned later). Maybe this depends on the font being used?
  11. Tried some more fonts: all OTF fonts dating before 2005 do not show OpenType features at all. The newer ones do: I am not able to pin a date when the do, but the OSX supplied Avenir Next (2007) does.
  12. @Dave: that is probably the case. I work in a small design agency with a history of 20 years (and a +6000 font library with some very old fonts). I will try to find some more "modern" OTF files in our font library :-) …but, I have a feeling even older files should work, as the OS gives me acces to those features in other applications and these features are persistent if you copy/paste text from TextEdit into Affinity Designer.
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