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  1. Ok, at least I'm up and running until I can (hopefully) get the NVidia card to work. When you say feature levels, is that in reference to DirectX? What action do you think might correct the memory resource error (card stats below) when attempting to load the Quadro 1000m as my Renderer? The NVidia 3D Settings options menu is also attached below with so many options, it leaves me bug eyed: LOCAL ERROR LOG -- 2006.563206ms WinTab: Failed to load Wintab32.dll WinTab: Failed to create tablet context Attempting to create Direct3D device with adapter NVIDIA Quadro 1000M DXRenderer.cpp(822): error 0x8007000E (Not enough memory resources are available to complete this operation.)
  2. Hi Chris & @Mark Ingram, Thank you for your help and direction in troubleshooting the issue related to my Intel HD graphics 3000 card/driver and its questionable compatibilty with DirectX 12. My laptop is a Lenovo W520 and I now realize it has a second graphics card, being a NVidia Quadro 1000m. With that newfound awareness, I updated its driver and did my best to set the 3d settings to play well with Affinity Photo. Next, in Preferences > Performance > Renderer, I selected the Quadro 1000m, restarted program, and guess what ..... No Luck! Ugghhh!!!! The same unhandled exception error. However ...... with nothing to lose I chose the last Renderer option "Microsoft Basic Render Driver" ........ and a beautful thing happened, my file OPENED!!!! Any thoughts on why the generic option worked to open a file when the dedicated selection(s) failed?
  3. DirectX 12 is installed, diagnostic report attached
  4. I changed the renderer to WARP in beta from Edit>Preferences>Performance. Still encountering file open error. Crash report submitted and my local error log is attached Log.txt
  5. Thanks to @walt.farrell for the link to the current beta version. The same Unhandled Exception error occurs in the beta version as with v I have submitted crash reports for both.
  6. Hi Chris, According to Patrick Connor's March 6 post, I am running the newest version of Affinity Photo for Windows (v and there is currently no beta version. Kindly let me know if that has been updated and the link to use for beta download. BTW, I have submitted an error report related to this issue under the email bach@gwi.net. Thanks, Kin
  7. Hi Chris B, I am experiencing the same issue(s) as JMEdinburgh, being a new user yet able to open a file. After trying your suggestion of app lauch with Ctrl key held followed by Clear, the issue remains unresolved. I am running Windows 10 with Affinity Photo v 1.6.4. Your help to resolve the error is most appreciated.