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  1. Hi all . Would love the ability to sync program settings (Hotkeys, brushes , workspaces etc ) with my Microsoft account. If this isn't possible how about a single backup button which can be loaded onto another computer. Back when I was using photoshop & illustrator doing this was a real pain and hence never really got done would be great to see affinity make this process easy .
  2. Thanks very much guys , I will try out your recommendations. it would be really great if the program settings were synced(or given the option too ) with a Microsoft account. or if not that a single click "backup settings" within affinity itself .Thanks again for your help. Affinity rocks!
  3. Hi all . I have just moved across from adobe (photoshop and illustrator ) and loving this great software. I have both affinity apps on 3 computers (all windows 10) 1 of them is at a different location . What I am wanting to do is share my app settings , brushes , keyboard shortcuts (everything really) with all computers without having to manually export from each panel and then import on the other machines respectively. Is there anyway to do this with a cloud utility ( like Wacom has) or onedrive . or even a way to customize directories that affinity uses for all of the settings . I would love to hear how others approach this .

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