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  1. I have taken a series of artifact photos with a small image calibration card. Where the artifacts I am looking at have a range of colours, I wanted to adjust the calibration, where possible to best present how these artifacts look in real life, and I am not a good photographer, so most are slightly off. Which tool or tools would I use in Photo?
  2. I have a number of old files from a previous degree that were created in CorelDraw (.cdr). These are both vector and image files, and were used as figures in my thesis. I discovered you can batch export files instead of individually, and took all of the .cdr files and exported to illsutrator (.ai). These appear to have exported properly (i.e., they have a file size that makes sense), but only open as blank documents in Affinity. I tried one of these same files as an export to PDF (which you cannot batch export) and it opened as a layered file in Affinity no problems. thoughts?
  3. Not sure I'm technically savvy enough to write a macro. If I took all of the AI files and converted them to PDF, would AD be able to open them then?