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  1. If you are a practitioner of Origami (especially a serious one), you know how prolonged and open-ended the discussion is about what software application to use for diagramming the thousands of polygons that go into the process of diagramming the steps for creating a finished origami "model." There are no programs I've found that are dedicated to this specific, esoteric process...though hints circulate now and then. So most people fall back to Canvas, a CAD program, InkScape, Illustrator...the list goes on. Each have their benefits as well as downsides where cost, flexibility, learning curve, UI, OS compatibility (I'm using Windows 7), periodic updates, ability to help extrapolate what a shape will look like when as a result of folding, export capability, handling of curves, and so on. Nothing is perfect, of course. But if I am going to commit to one program for the long haul of diagramming the work ahead of my, I want to do my homework. So, (he asked with a mixture of hope and barely restrained patience)... I would really appreciate hearing from anyone using Affinity to diagram Origami folding sequences--or those with enough knowledge of both--who could give me their view on how well Affinity could handle this task. Think about the many variations in shape and sequential changes in the diagram through the different steps, the need for continuity, the importance of added icons, etc. Naturally, your reasons why (or perhaps why not) would be invaluable. Note: I'm not terribly interested in crease patterns--more in getting my original models diagrammed so I can share them with others. I can attach an example of diagrammed origami instructions for the uninitiated in a subsequent post, if desired. My sincere thanks, in advance! Best, Charles P. Wallace "Be bold, go fold!"