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  1. thank you again Dan, for all infos. I will keep it in mind for future works. And maybe next time, ask help before completing work
  2. Hello Dan, thank you very much for your reply. He opens the files in Illustrator. He prefers to keep the files not rasterized and is going to work with the EPS files I sent. He told me that all gradiants were rasterized in my EPS files. Is this a normal ? Are gradiant a problem? I am waiting for the printer proof and see if every thing OK. thank you for your help
  3. hello, new here. I read some topics on conversion from rgb to cmyk but still in doubt... I have done some illustrations for a children book in affinity designer, with ,for some, backgrounds with gradients, text on a path. all in rgb. First time I am working in vectors. The infographist who is assembling everything for the printer ask me to convert to cmyk. I did, reworked the colours that were different and very dulled. when converting I choose, print (press-ready), 300 dpi, cmyk-8 (us web coated swop)V2, transparent background and checked " assign" He asked for a EPS file. When he opened the file, a warning appeared saying that some elements were still in rgb. Did I missed something? I have multi layers with vectors , should I merge them? Apparently, text on a path can be a problem as gradiant, some are from full colour to transparent. thank you very much for your help Benedicte
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