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  1. Could you please give the option to restart later after an update. It just restarted with no warning and I lost hours of work. Thank you.
  2. I loaded a PDF I prepared in Pageplus X9 into Publisher. As I scroll through the document publisher crashes every time. It leaves 'droppings' in RAM after it disappears and eventually it crashes the computer. If you load a subset of the whole document (say 20 pages) it only shows the first 3 and last 4 pages when scrolling.
  3. Ok I uploaded it. As an aside (and completely off topic) can you tell me if I can do cut outs in Affinity designer? I use slight variations on a theme for my book cover designs so I need to cut parts out of the background pattern and colour/rotate them. Is that possible?
  4. Hi Sorry I've been busy. I don't think it's a good idea uploading the pdf of a newly published book onto a public forum. The book is 232 pages long with a watermark on each page (9' x 6" standard paperback). It is mostly text (2 illustrations in the book) with 4 fonts - it has a lot of tables (most pages feature tables as it is a reference book). I can import a few pages to it at a time but when I try to load the whole book it freezes. The computer is an i7 running windows 10 (with all the updates and avast). I only wanted to correct the spacing on one heading and pageplus is a bit slow dealing with big documents. I fixed it in an pageplus X9 in the end. No pp import to publisher is a big disappointment as it would have avoided this problem. I am using the release version of publisher btw NOT the beta.
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    Copy Errors

    Hi Try highlighting some text on the page then pasting text over it from word. I am using the release version of publisher btw NOT the beta.
  6. If you copy text then an image then text it crashes (just like Pageplus 9 does). When it crashes is there a way of pulling back the file so there is an option to give it the name of the original file (Word uses a temp file). I had to set autosave to 2 minute intervals so I didn't lose too much work but it is very annoying having to wait minutes on long documents for it to reload. Long table creation is a nightmare. There is no way of formatting it when you paste a long list of table entries (even in pure text + tab format). There is no select all in the edit menu and of course you can't create a table from selected text. Tables can't be split and I can't see a way of creating a heading on each page. Creating indexes take a long time as the tables are updated after each entry.
  7. Is there any way that you can improve the awful indexing system in your new DTP software. In Pageplus X9 it took me 18 DAYS (at 7 hours per day) to create an index for a 200 page book. It seems to rebuild the index every time you add an entry. I timed it - it took 4 minutes 30 seconds to make one entry with the page greying out and 'not responding' coming up (Microsoft WORD was immediate) using Windows 10 64 bit, i7 processor, 12Gb RAM, nothing else running. The least you can do is to recognize WORD indexing imports. It is also difficult to format the index to make it look professional. In fact in the next book it was quicker and gave me more freedom creating the index by hand. It's a shame because everything else (other than the clunky TOC system) is pretty good; well, aside from table importing which is poor (Indesign is worse though), can you make it better? Incidentally it doesn't play nice with WPS writer (It is fine with Libreoffice though)

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