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  1. I know this is late, but I just wanted to say thanks for the solution, I've just fixed the issue with your awesome instructions, and it was Dummies.ttf causing the problem. Thanks for following up on the issue and giving me a good solution! I love Affinity designer and you guys rock, keep it up.
  2. OK thanks guys, i'll have a look at the log file and remove what I see then report back. Thanks for the help.
  3. Hi Sean, Thanks, I got excited and removed the font first! so i can't attach it sorry Unfortunately I still get the error (I restarted after removing it) maybe it's another font causing the issue?
  4. Hi Sean, thanks for the reply, I have attached the log file. Hope we can find a solution to this pdflib.log
  5. screen shot attached of new document settings
  6. If it helps these are my export settings on a completely blank document, I've tried changing the colour space etc and get the same error.
  7. Hi guys, I've tried exporting with blank documents, so it can't be an element in my design that is preventing the export. As said before I can export to any other kind of document and it works fine.
  8. Hi guys, Thanks for the reply. I've tried exporting to multiple locations/drives and I get the same error, renaming that folder also gives the same error (as attachment). I use the antivirus software that comes with windows (windows defender i think its called), I can export with any other format like EPS and it works fine, just PDF gives that error.
  9. Hello, I cannot export to PDF on affinity designer (or AF but not worried about that). I've tried with blank documents and ones I need to print for production and all get the same error. There is no third party software and I've just installed AD fresh, tried different colour spaces etc as suggested by other people in the forum and nothing works. This is a feature I need working as most of the printers here require pdfs to print from. Please can I get some help on this error?
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