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  1. Old Bruce, thanks. Large Icons and Scroll with view were already checked. However, this gave me the courage to experiment and turns out I just needed to grab the edge and pull down (expanded vertically) and now all is good again. Thanks!
  2. That worked! Thanks!! However, the pages are now thumbnail size rather than full page and going from top to bottom of screen. I'd rather not experiment in trying to get them full size for fear of messing everything up again. Could you help with that, too? Thanks!
  3. I am very new to Publisher and have no experience with In Design. I am a moderate level user of Photoshop. That said, I was experimenting with Publisher and discovered I could upload a document and easily edit/change the headers. So I was hooked. The document's pages (all of them) were showing on the left side and also in the middle. Now the pages on the left are no longer showing and I must make all edits with the center panel. How can I get the pages to also show on the left side again. I can't do a search because I don't know the terms for any of this. Thanks!
  4. I didn't see "apply to selection" but I was able to get it to work using your other suggestions. Thanks!!
  5. Got it. Thanks! But is there anyway to change the stroke color (not fill) so that it will be the same color as the font. I am trying to make the font look fatter. Gleem
  6. Hi, Thanks to both of you for trying to help. However, I don't see the bar to increase stroke size. Perhaps I knocked everything out of whack when trying to figure this out. See attachment for how my screen looks. Thanks
  7. I just purchased Affinity Photo and can't wait to ditch my subscription to Adobe CC2018. However, I mostly work with text and am having trouble finding tutorials to answer my questions. First up: how do I create a stroke around text to make the font fatter? Thanks
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