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  1. I have the same problem needing to re-convert back to AI. As suggested, I've exported as a PDF (also tried EPS and SVG) but with any of these options I can get a usable AI file, but with unusable type. The PDF when opened in Illustrator will have the 'live or active' font(s) but the text is broken-up so badly that it would need to be re-typed from scratch. Does anyone have any further info about this. As is, as much as I really like Affinity, without resolution of this issue I'm stuck in Illustrator. Thanks, jjeff
  2. Hello, I've found that I can export from AFDesign to PDF and then manually change the doc suffix (.pdf) to (.ai) and the file can be opened and is usable (someone on the forum mentioned this as a possibility and it worked). Unfortunately though, all the text breaks up into short segments and would need to be re-typed. I really like both Affinity Designer and Photo and badly want to move away from Adobe, but need the ability to revert back and forth in Designer. Thanks, jjeff
  3. I'm a graphic designer new to Affinity and am learning/using both Designer and Photo more (with the ultimate goal of deleting Adobe from my applications). After checking tutorials and the forums I haven't found any reference about the ability to revert back to Illustrator from Affinity Designer or an editable version for an Illustrator user. Exporting to EPS or SVG converts type to curves which is not editable and oddly separates some vector objects. I'm finding Affinity Designer excellent and am converting files and using it for all my other work, but could use the flexibility to transfer bac
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