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  1. Hi, I can create a 1 colour gradient, how can I blend 2 colours Example below
  2. When will Affinity have new filters / plug-in s inc Lens Flare and Sun flare ? I think Affinity is a great product but does lack in the plug-in area
  3. MannyMoo

    lens flare / sun flare

  4. is there any pliugins to add lens flare / sun flare to Windows Affinity Photo?
  5. MannyMoo

    Add Metadata

    Hi, Is there anyway Afinity Photo can Add Metadata to the final image?
  6. MannyMoo

    Clouds, Planes etc

    thank you
  7. Hi, I am new to this software, is there a way I can add or overlay things such as real life like clouds, plane etc