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  1. nj36

    Affinity software wont open

    I decided the fastest way to resolve this was to do a fresh install of windows. Which has worked. Affinity apps are opening now. Cheers for the suggestions.
  2. nj36

    Affinity software wont open

    Hi @Chris_K It is possible that there has been a Windows update in the past fortnight. I tried to install .NET 4.7.1 but it says that this is already installed. I just tried uninstalling the Affinity apps, restarted my machine then reinstalled them with the same result. I see them appear in my background processes in task manager before disappearing and not opening. I also ran the Microsoft .NET Framework Repair Tool.
  3. nj36

    Affinity software wont open

    Thanks for the suggestions. When I hold Ctrl nothing happens. I had the task manager open and I noticed that Affinity Photo sat doing nothing in the Background processes until I let go of the Ctrl key and then it disappeared. I haven't installed any fonts recently.
  4. Both Affinity Photo and Designer suddenly wont open. I was using them both a fortnight ago without any issues. But when I tried to open them today they appear in my task manager for a second before disappearing. I've tried uninstalling and then deleting all Affinity folders and files that are left behind before downloading and reinstalling. But this hasn't worked. They appear to have installed properly, just nothing happens when I try to open them. I don't have any of the third party software installed with known issues or any third party antivirus software. I've also not installed any software since I was last using Affinity software and everything else seems to be launching and running as normal. Any help would be appreciated!