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  1. Yea, I sent an email to paysafecard. But thanks anyway
  2. Good day, my name is Wolf. I have Windows 10. My questions: 1.Is the windows store version the same as the desktop version? 2. Can I buy the windows store version with a windows store card? Or do I need to pay via Windows Store with paypal/card? 3. Will it be updated on the same dates as the desktop version?
  3. Im on windows, Its bought in a market.
  4. I already purchased 60€ paysafe and I dont have enough money left to buy iTunes.
  5. wow, im disappointed.
  6. Good day, I need help. I already bought 60€ PaySafeCard, but I noticed I only can pay via PayPal and Creditcard. Is there any way to pay via paysafe? Please answer soon! ~Wolf

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