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  1. Ugh... it was the stupid protect alpha! Thank you so much.... can’t believe i didn’t see that.... why on EARTH is that ON by default!?!?!? Exploremoar... i can’t speak to affinity... but in PS.... alpha channels are various color and greyscale channels. You might want them locked so that when you make edits in a mask ... only certain layers or channels in the color spectrum are affected... you can isolate your greyscale edits. (It really should be off by default) thanks again everyone!
  2. Ok, i’m Going nuts about this. It’s a very basic question, and i can’t believe i’m Confused on this. I have 2 layers. I go and pick on the top layer.... new layer mask... i pick paintbrush... then make sure it’s black.... with all the max colors/resolution/thickness... everything 100%.... and it’s not painting. I’ve been trying this for 2 weeks... watched tutorials. I’m so confused what i’m Missing. I come from a photoshop world.... you pick a layer mask on top a layer, grab a paint brush... and paint. What’s so complex? Yet in ipad affinity... it’s JUST NOT PAINTING. I’ve rebooted, i’ve Tried on multiple iPads.... what on earth am i missing? Obviously i’m Frustrated... at myself more than anything... if you can, help. I really have no idea what i’m Missing here....
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