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  1. Y'all -- I was hoping to switch off of CorelDraw to Affinity Designer -- but there are so... many... features... missing. One specific one that makes my life very difficult is the lack of arrowheads on simple lines. I don't do "graphic design" where I can use big, bold splashy arrows all over the place -- I do technical diagrams, and I need to "point" to things. Custom building an arrowhead using some technique or another for every line is impossible, and using a brush stroke that makes the line really wide is also a no-go. When will this feature be available?
  2. riw777

    Arrowheads on Lines

    The problem is -- you can't attract users without at least some minimal set of features... I would be glad to recommend this to my friends, if it had enough of a feature set to be useful, but -- at this point, it doesn't. In the mean time, people are spending money and getting involved in other ecosystems, which makes it harder, over time, to switch back out of those ecosystems. This "slow improvement in features over a number of years" is actually little more than the slow road to being obsolete. It's sad, really, because it does seem like it's a decent, if not stellar, product, and it has potential. It's not competing against products in the same class that are also developing over many years; it's competing against fully built out, fully featured products. While Adobe is making people upset with their rather expensive subscription -- there are many other options out there.
  3. riw777

    Arrowheads on Lines

    Hmmm... So the developers are focused in other areas rather than the windows application, which means the windows application is probably going to eventually die. I guess I should move back to Corel for a while, and recheck later to see if they've built a "complete" application, or if this is still around to try out when they have a few features. Thanks for the info.

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