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    Sony A7RII ARW File format batch job errors

    Thanks for the reply, I will stay tuned. Are there any time frames on enhancing the Bulk Processing to enhance its raw pipeline?
  2. Hello Affinity Support and Forum, I have noticed an error with Batch processing .arw files from a Sony A7RII. When running a batch process of any size, my amount was 100 in this case, the batch converter under exposes the developed raw file. It also adds quite a bit of noise and RGB pixelation. You can see by viewing the attached images at full size blown up 330%. The lighter image is the singular developed photo without edits, and the darker one is the batch, again with no edits. This process is breaking my workflow as batch processing raw images into Affinity is par for the course. I had read elsewhere that this is know and will be patched, but that was last year in October...