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  1. Hi Lee! Yes, I really have lots of fonts in my font directory. The fonts that didn't work are those included in the Affinity free kit, "iconic fonts". Damion, Allan, Rokkitt, Candal, Amarante, Alfa_Slab_One... Every font in this kit. But I don't think the problem is the kit, because I then tried to install other fonts to verify, and it still doesn't incorporate any other fonts. AD only shows me the fonts I had in the old version, since the update to 1.7 it doesn't let me see new fonts anymore. Rokkitt-Regular.ttf PaytoneOne-Regular.ttf AlfaSlabOne-Regular.ttf Edit: same problem with AP
  2. Hi guys! I've some problem with font cache in both softwares on Windows. My font list don't update at all. I try to close AD and AP then restart, but nothing happens. No one of new fonts is updated. In Photoshop, Word and other SW everything is fine. Please, help me! G.